When can we have a dance and kiss again at night?

Kiss FM mixer and legendary pioneer Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson
Hybrid Minds will bring the best new music from the world of Drum & Bass.
DJ Q will showcase the best in UK Garage and Bassline.
The launch of Kiss (100FM) in September 1990
Kicks Like A Mule by The Bouncer was a popular ‘House That Jack Built’ favourite and charted in the UK Top 10.
Kiss FM’s most popular specialist and daytime DJ in the 1990s Steve Jackson
House of Pain’s Jump Around became a massive crossover hit via support from Kiss FM’s Max LX and Dave VJ
The underground dancehall hit from Beenie Man with the infectious “Zim Zimmer” hook championed by David Rodigan on Kiss throughout 1997
Before ‘No Diggity’ there was ‘Baby Be Mine’ an underground R&B hit from Blackstreet in 1993 championed on Trevor Nelson’s Street Soul Show
Original DJ pirate and legal Kiss stalwart, Judge Jules
Kiss Manchester’s resident Drum & Bass specialist Marcus Intalex
Yorkshire’s Kiss 105 DJ line up in 1997
Logan Sama




Ethnic Connoisseur of 🎶 📻 💪🏾🍗🌞🌎⚽️

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Ethnic Connoisseur of 🎶 📻 💪🏾🍗🌞🌎⚽️

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