Interview: Scott Garcia — It’s a Garage Thing

3 min readMay 2, 2020

Originally published on AltReading on 17th April 2016

Club20 continues to prove it can provide the best dance and urban music events in town by inviting well-known acts and the best local talent to work alongside each other to bring Reading clubbers a safe and enjoyable night out.

This will demonstrated once again this coming weekend when one of the pioneering DJs and producers on the UK garage scene Scott Garcia, along with his production tag-team partner Sticky collectively known as Foundation will be bringing the underground vibes to Hosier Street.

We caught up with Scott recently to give the heads up of what we can expect this coming weekend:

First of all thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to speak to Alt Reading. You are regarded by long time garage fans mainly from the South of England as one of the pioneers of the UK garage scene. When did all start for you?
I was fascinated by the world of rave music towards the end of the 80s, and became hooked on the art of deejaying and scratching. I bought one of those all-in-one DJ consoles and about a dozen records, playing the same records over and over again whilst learning how to mix tracks together.

What have been your career highlights so far?
It’s hard to pinpoint one moment, but being a part of the UK Garage explosion back in the late 90s was certainly a special time, and more recently some of the DJ sets I have done with Sticky under our Foundation alias have been pretty memorable.

Is the first time you’ve deejayed in Reading?
I’ve been playing in Reading for several years now, and it’s always good to come back.

How did you make the link up with DJ Pressure, who is on our Alt Reading Sound of 2016 acts?
He was at a gig I played in Reading a few months back, he’s a cool guy, and I have a lot of time and respect for him.

In the past there have been certain clubs and bars in Reading and around the country will not play garage music as they link it and other urban music genres in attracting the wrong crowd. What are your thoughts on that?
I think times have changed massively and it’s great to see that garage music has lost the negative stigma. Nowadays the garage raves are full of young happy people who want to party, create happy memories and have a good time.

What can we expect from your set this coming Saturday night at Club 20?
As it’s a Foundation gig our full line will be there including our host Dr. Psycho on mic duties, so you can expect him to whip the crowd into a frenzy whilst we go in back to back on four vinyl decks. There will be also performances from Pied Piper, Sharky P, the Genuis Cru and many more.

What have you got planned gigs and production wise for the rest of the year?
I’ve just released the first EP in the Garcia & Co series which is available as a free download online. I’m also in the studio currently doing remixes for a few labels, and working on some original material as well. And you can catch me out in clubland and festivals all over the country this summer along with my Foundation family.

Foundation presented ‘It’s A Garage Thing’ alongside Pied Piper, Sharky P and Genuis Cru, with support from DJ Pressure, Kryptonite, and hosts Taz, J Dogg and Wolfy. And the garden terrace was hosted by the Beat Collective record label, Two of Us and many more at Club 20, Hosier Street, Reading.




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